25 December 2005

World's first video game

We've come a long way since 1960...

Music video...kinda...

This started out as a music video, and I guess technically it still is one... Anyway, Michelle and I made it last night. It's a good example of the kinds of things you can do with The Movies (the game, that is). Enjoy.

23 December 2005

I should really go to bed, but...

...just as soon as you find something cool on the internet, you find something better. Or, at least, just as good. In this case, it's Netvibes. Like Protopage, minus the customization options, but plus a few built-in features like weather (though I expect one could simply snag an RSS from weather.com or somesuch and use it in Protopage [Update: one can do so]) and Writely compatiblity, which are somewhat useful. The one selling point for me is the ability to import favorites from your home compy--a nice feature since portable favorites is one of the reasons I might use one or the other of these sites. In the long run, I think Protopage might be the spiffier program (well, not really a program, i guess...), because they're likely to pick up the extra features that Netvibes has. They just came out with a new version, and are already hard at work on the next one, and are taking suggestions. Ok, so now that I've rambled about it for a bit, I've decided that Netvibes isn't all that great...but that import feature sure is nice... In any case, if you're new to the world of Ajax-based internet desktops like I am, now you know of at least two options.
Now I believe I will go to bed [Update: I didn't, but I will now, I swear].


After playing around with Protopage some more, I've officially promoted it from 'somewhat cool' status to 'quite spiffy' status. Here's my page (not at all finished). Go ahead and mess around with it, move things, etc. It won't save any changes. Also, if you make your own, hit the button on my sidebar --> to add my blog to your protopage. :)

Several cool things

So we're in G.C. now for the holiday what-not, and I just decided I need to purge my cool stuff tanks--they're getting a little full. So here you go.

  1. Protopage It's basically an online desktop program, more cool than useful, but I like it.
  2. iPodderx An excellent podcast RSS reader/player. There might be better programs like it out there, but the pre-subsubscribed feeds are almost all good (most notably Slice of SciFi and This Week in Tech (which is where I heard about Protopage)). We listened to those and others on the way here. No link, b/c they're currently changing the name and redoing the website. There's a contest for the new name, but I'm not sure how you're supposed to enter, since the site is down...
  3. On a related note, I've been listening to the Diggnation podcast for the last few months, and I highly recommend it. Kevin Rose makes it relevant and informative, and Alex Albrecht makes it funny (he was the 'new guy' on TSS just before G4 cancelled it). I also recommend Systm and The Broken, also by Revision3, although new episodes of those don't come out very often.

There are many other things in my cool-stuff tanks, but they have to finish processing.

22 December 2005

Holiday How-to

This probably took me longer than it was worth, but it's kinda funny...

20 December 2005

We are the (second) greatest!

[Edit--Netty posted on the wrong blog. Go here for the post.]

16 December 2005

Morgan Freeman is cool

Not only is he a good actor, but he thinks, too! Anyone who wants to get rid of racist 'holidays' like Black History Month are alright in my book. Read this article for more.

05 December 2005

This is a cool idea

This is one of the cooler examples of what Christmas Decor, Inc does. They're a professional Christmas decoration company, with franchises all over the country, and they do residential and commercial jobs.

This would be a freaking cool job, especially if you lived somewhere with lots of insanely rich people. Observe:

Rich Guy: Here's $10,000 to decorate my estate.

Me: Score.

Anyway, check out the site. They're a cool company.

03 December 2005

Squirrel Attack!

This can't possibly be true....but a bunch of these evil-looking squirrels supposedly killed and ate a dog in Russia. If it is true, then I want my own pack of killer squirrels, too. Perhaps Russia could market trained assassin squirrels as anti-terrorism weapons--maybe they could flush out that Osama guy... Russia could get out of debt, we could get rid of an enemy. It's win-win.

(here's the full story)

01 December 2005


If you're a Pirates fan, you'll be interested to know that the trailer for the second movie is out. If you're not a fan, go rent the first one, thoroughly enjoy it, and then wait eagerly with the rest of us for the next one...and then the third one.

28 November 2005


I was browsing through my latest referrers to my blog, and I discovered that there's a link to good 'ol Bliggety Blog! from the PezHQ website. I was thoroughly amused. :)

I hate OU, but this is pretty cool...

OU’s athletic director ran this full-page ad in the Mercury. If you don’t have a magnifying glass, it says: “We have been fortunate to compete with and against your great teams. In victory or defeat, you epitomized all of the characteristics of a true champion. You have rightfully earned the respect of many for your extraordinary record of achievement. More importantly, you have inspired countless people through your unwavering commitment to something bigger than any one person ... the team. You have profoundly improved the great game of college football. Wildcat fans, today we blend our chorus of Boomer Sooner with your Wildcat Victory as we rise in unison to salute your players, your great coach, Bill Snyder, and his family, for all you have accomplished together.” And if you feel the need, you can get a full-size, readable PDF of the ad here.

Don't worry, I'm still alive.

Location: KSU Union, enjoying a Taco Bell quesadilla
Yes, despite my having not posted for quite awhile, I am still alive and, for the most part, well. Our Thanksgiving break started last Wednesday and we headed for the big G.C. for T-Day dinner on Saturday. And if you know your days of the week, I'm sure you've figured out that we had several days of goofing around at our disposal. We used then to do mostly movie-related things: Netty and Michelle (and at least one of her friends) went to see Rent. They said it was good and that I would have hated it-- which I already knew. Then Netty and I went to see Jarhead, which was a decent movie, probably an 8.4/10. It was more about the people than about the war, and though I like traditional war movies, this was a nice change. We also hit up the Hastings and got mad cheap used DVD's (see video post, forthcoming). Saturday was the big meal-- turkey for us carnivores and lesser foods for that one silly herbivore. And, of course, there was the usual family fun, highlighted by Grandma Fuller playing Hitz on the Gamecube. (see video, forthcoming; and on Shannon's blog as well, I'm sure).
We also got to hang out with the Andy factor at his spiffy house, where we chatted around a fire in his spiffy firebowl, which is in his spiffy backyard. It was, as you may have guessed, pretty all-around spiffy.
The trip home is also worth mentioning, as we were driving between (and through, to some extent) two giant storm systems-- one producing a minor blizzard, the other producing tornadoes. I'll post a screenshot of the radar when I'm on Big Compy.
And now I must leave you, for I have a conference with a professor in 10 minutes. I almost forgot.

17 November 2005

A deep image

Think about it.
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11 November 2005

Ha ha!

Well, all Pirate Islands nations in NationStates have ceased to exist except for the invincible Grog Islands! I win!

12 October 2005

Old school

[Location: KSU Union]

A post you read instead of watch? "Where's the 'play' button?" you ask. I know, non-video posts are *so* two weeks ago. But I figured I should post something now since I may die by Friday...I have way too much crap to do. I have to finish one essay, revise a second one, have a conference with a visiting author about a third one, write a 2-page reading response to a poem, and study for a midterm. And it's all due/happening on Friday. Ugh. Hopefully I survive it all, because after that we're headed west to do some visitin'.
On the positive side, I'm sure there'll be a video post when we get back. :)

01 October 2005

Video Camera!

Hooray! We finally got a digital video camera, and here's my first video post from it. It's me, Netty, and Michelle discussing such things as omelettes, shoes, and God.

20 September 2005

Hawking strikes again

From an email I got from Amazon: "In the 17 years since the publication of "A Brief History of Time," new data from particle physics and observational astronomy have shed light on efforts to find a Grand Unified Theory of Everything that Hawking and Mlodinow use to enhance and update their answers to basic questions about the universe: where it's going and how it began." Spiffy, eh? Not so sure on the title, though--"A Briefer History of Time"? Moderately clever, I suppose. It's due out on the 27th. If you preorder, you can save 34% (no, I don't work for Amazon, I just want my readers to save a cool 850 pennies).

New trig?

There's a new math in town! I know, I know...there's always a new math in town. But this one could actually be useful for you and me. And unlike other new maths, this one's actually easier than the old one. Trig without a calculator? Sign me up. Click here for a sample chapter (PDF alert).
Thanks to Slashdot for the info.

04 September 2005

Labor Day weekend? More like Warhammer weekend...

Yes, I'm aware of my silliness.
We're in Lawrence! We ate at 75th St. Brewery (or somesuch number) earlier with Newgen and Andrea, and it was quite good. Now we're at Silent K's apartment getting ready to play some Warhammer. I'll let you know how that goes...

03 September 2005

I decree it!

/decree no more football games during the hottest part of the freaking day!

Best bad movie ever? Mayhap...

So I signed up for Netflix the other day, and what's the first movie I got?  Why, the 1979 classic The Warriors, of course.  It’s a street-gang movie, and the guys who came up with Necromunda must have had this movie in mind.  The setting is entirely different (this takes place in NYC) but the variety and…um… flamboyance of the gangs in the game has to have been inspired by this movie.  I can’t believe I haven’t seen it until now.

The basic premise is this: there’s a huge meeting of all the major gangs in the city, and everyone comes unarmed.  Someone, of course, sneaks a gun in and kills Cyrus, the leader who called the meeting to unite the gangs, and a small gang called The Warriors is blamed.  They then have to fight their way home through enemy territory.  Not a terribly complex plot, I know, and the acting is Terrible (yes, the capital T is called for), but it’s very entertaining.  I have to recommend it.

And here’s some more Warriors info.  There’s a game based on the movie coming out around the end of the year (by Rockstar, so it should be good), and MTV is supposedly working on a remake.  Now that I’m an official fan of the original movie, I’m worried about MTV being involved with it, since they produce crap.  (And yes, there is a difference between ‘70s B-movie crap and modern MTV crap.)  But really, they’re probably the only ones who’d ever do it anyway, so go for it MTV.  You gave me Napoleon Dynamite, a movie that shouldn’t be funny but is.  Maybe you can give me a ‘modernized’, politically correct remake that I should hate but won’t.  You’ll get my $7 either way, because if you make it, I can’t not see it.

29 August 2005

A letter...

...from Mark Twain to Andrew Carnegie, during Carnegie's last years of life when he was giving away his fortune:

You seem to be in prosperity. Could you lend an admirer a dollar & a half to buy a hymn-book with? God will bless you. I feel it. I know it. P.S. Don't send the hymn-book, send the money.

I find that hilarious.

27 August 2005


Location: Chipotle
So the plan was to play a gigantimus (7000+)Warhammer battle with Newgen. And eventually we'll do just that, but setting up took so long (about an hour and a half) that we already need food. The table looks really cool, though, with all the units out. It'll be a long (but fun) battle.

22 August 2005

Water from the Heavens?

No go on the books. I\'m either taking a lit class with no books (a-duh) or the professor is opposed to the Varnopoly and put in an order at Claflin. No big deal--I won\'t need anything today anyway.
It\'s turning out to be a pleasant day, weather-wise. It\'s raining a bit and there\'s a nice breeze at times, so it\'s not as hot as it has been. I\'ve had worse first days of class.

Gettin\' edumacated some more...

Location: KSU Union
First post of the new school year! Actually, despite what that exclamation point implies, I\'m not terribly excited about it. But it\'s all good...I have 0 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays! (That exclamation point *does* apply.) I\'m taking \'Graduate Studies in English\'--the most generically-named of my classes--which I just got out of. It\'ll be an alright class--mostly discussion. Later on today I have \'Advanced Creative Nonfiction\', (which I\'d hoped to take as an undergrad but couldn\'t) and \'Readings in American Literature, 1945-1964.\' And then I go home and start reading. I figure since I\'m a grad student now, I should actually do *all* of the reading for my classes, as opposed to the 50-60% I did before... And speaking of which, I have to go pick up a couple more books downstairs.

20 August 2005

My Spidey sense is tingling...

So we\'re at Panera, and I came back from the bathroom and sat down, and Netty started staring at a spot just above my right shoulder. Why? Because there was a tiny spider dangling from a strand connected to my ear. I laughed.

18 August 2005


Updating my blog? I must be at Chipotle! So let\'s see...what have I been doing these past few days? Well, I finished painting my Slann Mage-Priest, for one...he looks freaking cool, and if I can ever get a good pic, I\'ll post it. Now I have to get to work on his guards. Also, I\'ve started working on some river scenery to play with. Hopefully it\'ll be done before the upcoming Battle Royale when Newgen comes up.
In other news, I\'m now enrolled in 2 grad classes, I have the department head looking for a research assistantship for me, and it sounds like I\'ll have my tutoring job back, if I want it. And now the rest of the rolling crew is here, so I can eat!

14 August 2005

Ah, Carnitas...taco filling of the gods.

Yes, my travels have once again brought me to Chipotle. As foretold in the prophecy, we played Warhammer, which was fun. Good (Shannon\'s High Elves and my Lizardmen) barely defeated evil (Nicole\'s undead and Netty\'s goblins). And I bought some Temple Guard to protect my Uber-Priest (when I finish painting him :) ). So now I have stuff to paint. Spifftacular!

Welcome to my Sunday

Six hours of sleep? Check. Soup at Panera? Check. Now all we need is some Warhammer at P&C, and we\'ll be doing this day right.

13 August 2005

Hey hey.

I just can\'t resist posting when I have wifi (we\'re at Radina\'s). Not much to say, but I do have some Warhammer news. I was looking for a hardcover version of the rulebook, and one of the Patch & Crow\'s guys had one he was willing to trade for my normal one. AND he has over 6000 points of Empire models, mostly unassembled and unpainted, that he\'s looking to sell. And I just happen to be interested in Empire, since I\'m almost done with Lizardmen. I still don\'t know what his name is, but he\'s my new go-to guy. :)

12 August 2005

\'Tis Friday!

Not that that means much...in summer, every day is Friday!
We (Us, Shancole, Michelle, and R^Hizonda) are Paneraing today. Soon we will do other fun things, like flingalinging.

06 August 2005


We got in from Colorado at exactly 4:15 this morning. That's a long drive. Anyhoo, I"ll post some pics just as soon as it sounds fun to do so (maybe later today).

Also, something I just came across: in their continuing effort to catalogue/reference everything in existance, Google has now added THE FREAKING MOON to their maps. Those crazy kids.

04 August 2005

Finally! Wireless that works!

Woulda been posting more, but haven\'t been able to get wireless to work anywhere. Thanks to Valley of the Wind in Estes Park for having accessible (but slow) wireless! So yeah, we\'re in Estes, about to head up the mountain for some pictacular fun. Oh, and I bought a hat. Ajuaa!

01 August 2005


Yeah, so I forgot to mention that we\'re taking another trip. Now we\'re in Colorado. In Boulder, on Pearl Street, in the Trident Cafe, to be exact. We\'re going to wander around here, eat lunch, then get hippie food at Whole Foods for dinner. That\'s the plan, at least. I\'ll put up some pics tonight, if I remember.

27 July 2005


Of all the things I've found today, this is the zoomiest. It's starts 10 million light years away from the Milky Way and incrementally zooms in all the way to the quarks making up a proton in a leaf, and back again if you like. Quite fun, whichever direction you decide to go.


Here's a little more info on this little videoblogging adventure I'm on. For some reason, I can't get the video to play in IE, but it works in Firefox. It's having some kind of problem downloading the Quicktime plugin (which is silly b/c i already have it) so it won't work in IE, at least not on my compy. If some other IE user out there would be so kind as to test it for me and drop a comment, I'd appreciate it.
Since Putfile.com wanked out (and wasn't that great to begin with) I moved to Ourmedia.com, which uses archve.org to host media. The interface is easy and they're very careful to protect your copyright to your work. It feels like they're putting some effort into it, but it's still in the early stages. Thus, the first graphic and video I uploaded worked with no problems, but the second graphic I tried still isn't available, 9 hours after I uploaded it. So it is perhaps not the most reliable, yet. Google's doing video now, but with their own stupid player...it's still a possibility, though. Something to look into.
If you like the idea of putting video on your blog, and want to save yourself the time it'd take to figure it out (assuming you're not an HTML deity), go here, paste the code into your template, make sure the link field in Blogger is turned on, and you're good to go, assuming you've found a suitable host for your video. The whole thing should take you about five minutes. Of course, you can mess around with it--change the size of the video frame, for example, which I plan to do on mine--but that's the basic template. And so I say 'thank you' toSvein Høier and Jon Hoem, and my desire for a video camera increases tenfold.

Video blog test

Well, I'm up a lot later than I meant to be...but I got it working! (This is the 4th of July video Netty linked to from her blog a while back.) Now that that's done, all I need is a good video camera. :D

19 July 2005

Day 4, post 1

Dad finished his cookie run and we all met him at Galligaskin\'s, the oldest sub shop in Texas, or so they say. It\'s pretty good. I\'m enjoying a salami and provolone sandwich. After this, we\'re going to a place called \'House of Blades,\' which can only be cool...

Day 3

We didn't do as much roaming around today, but we had a good time. The day started when Lyndo woke us up to say that Audri and Ava were coming over. We put some chicken on the grill and Dad got back from his daily cookie-run just in time to eat lunch with us. During lunch, Dad got a call from the Kia dealership, saying that they'd found Lyndo's car. [Background: Lyndo got a used Isuzu Rodeo recently from the Kia place. When the 'Check Engine' light came on a few days ago, they took it back to the dealership to have 'em fix it. Turns out they send a lot of their work to a place down the street to be fixed, and that's what they did with this one. Well somehow, in the process of driving it six or so blocks, it 'got lost.' They actually called and said 'Yeah, um...we can't find your car...' Insane.] So all six of us (Lyndo, Dad, Audri, Ava, Netty, and I) crammed into Audri's car so we could go pick it up and then go visit Mom at work. Here's what the backseat looked like...kinda illegal, I know...

So we got to the dealership and Dad and I rode with Lyndo while the rest of the crew stayed in Audri's car. And thus began our next little adventure... The Rodeo is a manual transmission, and though she knew how to drive it, she was, shall we say, less than confident. So there were a couple of close calls, but no accidents. We did have to go by the shop that had fixed the problem, though, because they apparently hadn't reset the 'check engine' light after they'd fixed it. I'm glad it worked out that way, because I then got to see the slogan on their front door, which made me laugh.

After that little detour, we finally caught up with the other half of the group and went in to say hi to my Mom at work, and she introduced us to some of her coworker/friends. The place she works just happens to be right around the corner from the TCBY where Lyndo's boyfriend works (his name is Chris, which just isn't working out for me). So we stopped in there, too, and he gave us the frozen yogurt hookup. But now that I think about it, we had to pay for it, so it wasn't really a hookup at all... Dad amused us all, and embarassed Chris, by asking him if his intentions toward Lyndi were honorable. I believe the answer was yes.

We hurried home after that so Netty could finish and upload her homework by 6:00 (during which time I took a nap), and then we went to buy food for dinner. While it was on the grill, Ava and I fed some ducks, and after dinner, Lyndo's rollin' crew showed up for a bit and abducted her. The rest of us played with Ava in the sandbox for a bit, got our frog points for the day, and then watched The Incredibles (which I can now recommend--it was pretty good). And now I blog.

17 July 2005

Day 2

All sorts of fun today. First, at my request, we went to Trader's Village, which is a freaking huge flea market type thing. We didn't even get through a quarter of it, though, before the heat (in the 90's) got to us. We did get a few things: mom got a roll of material for curtains, Lyndo got a giant paper fan to put on her wall, and dad bought a couple knives--one for him and one for me. I'd like to go back there sometime when it's not so hot. It's one of the weirdest places I've ever been; full of things like this monkey-type object, and this 'computer store.'

After that, we went to see Ed & Michelle (my aunt and uncle) and their new baby, Jake. We got a tour of their house, which is mucho spiffo, and then, when mom mentioned that they were trying to teach Lyndo to play poker the other night, Ed was quite eager to break out his poker set. We played a few hands of Texas Hold 'em, and Ed took all our chips. But it was fun.

Then we were hungry, so we pointed the car toward downtown Fort Worth, but it was ridiculously busy (some kind of low-rider festival going on...I'm not even kidding) so we ended up at the nearby Fort Worth Stockyards (a touristy kind of area, quite fun). We ate at Giovanni's, a pizza/pasta place that Lyndo goes to after concerts at 'The Door,' which is just around the corner. The food was actually quite good, but the real reason to go there is the owner. That guy is awesome, but very hard to understand.

After food, we walked around a bit and checked out the new riverwalk area that's 'in development' right now. We got our turtle points for the day, and Lyndo and I had an alien egg fight. And then we headed back to base. Much fun was had today.

T^3, d1, p2

Well, we're here. And my family has a computer good enough for me to post with! I would have posted on the way here, but you know Love's...stingy with their wireless internet...doesn't sound like love to me... Anyhoo, we got to see the new house, and it's pretty spiffy. I'll post some pics tomorrow or so. And now, off to bed.

16 July 2005

The Tejas Trip, Day 1, Post 1

As all good trips do, this one begins at Pizza Hut, where we\'re about to enjoy some cheesesticks with the Shannon and Nicole Factor.
...30 minutes later...
Those were good. But we only ate about half of \'em.
Now that we\'ve fueled ourselves, we\'ll fuel our car and then go!

Because Jedi eat cereal, too.

Free in a box of Corn Pops, my very own lightspoon. And just think: with a little modding, it could become a lightspork...

07 July 2005

Sometimes you feel like a hazelnut...

Hazelnut chocolate chip bagel, hazelnut cream cheese, hazelnut coffee...my HN points are gonna be maxed out after this. I\'m at Panera, waiting for Aaron\'s interview to end (his car/transformer is dead, so i drove him). I stopped by the old EB Games before this, was appalled once again at the rack of DVD\'s they have OUTSIDE IN THE SUN, and picked up \'Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance\' for 6 bucks. (It was a \'Buried Treasure\' on G4, for those who are down.)
The problem now is that I\'m mostly awake, but I know I\'ll be quite tired later on--4.5 hours doesn\'t usually cut it for me. But we shall see...

More fun with slang

From the same website, I discovered that we've kifed the word 'kife.' We use it to mean 'steal,' but here's what they say: Definition for Kife: Something that is insufficient or unpleasurable. Example: This cereal is kife." Our definition is much more fun.


Apparently someone else uses that word, too! "Definition for Clutch: A good thing or when something works out. Example: I checked out that resturant last night, it was clutch."

Isn't that clutch?


Thanks to the old AOTS, I've been exposed to new funniness, and you can be, too. This is a group of college guys and gals called Prangstgrup, and they do some pretty crazy things and film them. I believe AOTS described it as "like Jackass, but smart," and that's about right. I recommend the 'Lecture Musical.' It's the kind of thing you always wish someone would do on the last day of class, but no one ever does. I've only watched a few others, and they're not all at the humor level as 'Lecture Musical,' but even with the ones that aren't that funny, you can imagine them being hilarious if you actually saw someone doing such things in person (such as 'Reenactment Club'). Go check it out. *

Besides that bit of internetty goodness, I have only one other thing to share: my NationStates country, Grog Islands, has sucessfully combined pirates and ninjas! Grog Islands is a pirate haven, meaning that, of course, it's full of pirates. And when they inevitably produce offspring, and those kids become teenagers, many of them are recruited into our child-ninja assassin unit. Meaning that they're both pirates and ninjas! (The description of my country calls them 'shirt ninjas', which I can only assume is a typo, since 'short ninjas' makes much more sense.) This may not end the eternal struggle, but it does show that the two aren't mutually exclusive.

*As always, you retain the right to not 'check it out,' as well.

05 July 2005

Possible bad news for the U.S.?

Europe has recently accomplished an increase of .07% of unique hits on this blog. Disastrous! I know it doesn't seem all that bad, but that's how they work--lots of little, barely noticable gains, but before you know it, they roll up on you and then it's all over. Sure, right now you have 84.51%, but if we don't keep an eye on the competition, calamity could ensue. A 70% buffer zone may not be enough. Let's shore up our defenses a little, shall we, U.S.?

Good job, Europe.

See? I knew you could do it! You got that number up from 10.35% to 10.42%! Fantastic! Now let's keep it up.

03 July 2005

Fun with Photoshop

Not a great job, but it was fun. This is my Lizardman temple (and skinks in the foreground), with Shannon's High Elf archers on top, and the background is Tikal in Guatemala.

02 July 2005

Hey U.S.

Hey America, guess what I heard... Rumor has it that Europe thinks it can generate more unique hits on my blog than the U.S. You gonna stand there and take that?

A challenge to Europe.

I just discovered that a little over 10% of unique hits come from Europe. I have to tell you, European Readers, that I think you can do better. Get out there and tell your friends about my random, useless crap! Tell them that my R,UC is better than that of others! I know that if we all work together, we can get that number up!

Ok, ok.

I've been getting a lot of complaints, and most of them boil down to this: "Chris, I like Pac-Man, but it's just too big. Help me!" Well, the best I can do is to send you here. I hope this helps.

What's better than peeling a potato?

Why, peeling an e-tato, of course! (My best time's 1 min 10 sec)

01 July 2005

Guerra de los Mundos

Or, if you like, War of the Worlds. We (and Shannon) saw it today. And here's the deal with it: as a movie, it's pretty good. As a theater experience, it's quite good. It's the kind of thing that just wouldn't work as well if you were watching it at home. So there you go. I can't really say much more w/o spoilers, so I'll save the rest til ya'll've* had a chance to watch it.

Oh, and just so you're up to speed on my life (as I know you like to be), the movie was sandwiched between a Panera visit (their new portobello mushroom and roasted garlic bisque is tasty) and a disc-golfing (check Aaron's blog in 2 weeks for the score). And now Netty's making dough, cuz we's making pizza! Summer on, folks. Summer on.

*Double contraction. Booyah.

So funny

About those shirts. I know they just put English on clothes because they think it looks cool, but really, wouldn't you want to have some idea of what it says? Anyway, that's not the really funny part. The really funny part is that someone does know what these shirts mean. If they were just randomly picking words, they wouldn't make the little bit of sense that they do. So there must be someone who has the best job in the world--picking things to put on Japanese shirts. Now that I think about it, that may be the job I was born for...

Why I must NEVER go to Japan:

Well, besides the risk of being strapped to a battery of soda-bottle rockets, the other problem is that I wouldn't have any money for food, hotel, etc. Why? Because I'd be spending it all on clothes! Doesn't sound like me, does it? But when you have options like this, how can you not?
Such as this one.
This seems logical.
This one's my favorite.

Oh Asia...

I've been saying it forever: Asia's different. They have completely different ideas than we do. Like this one.

25 June 2005

Band Math

(F-e1) + (B-e2) = J
F>= $3.00

[F = The Famed
B = Stuck on Broadway
L = Ludo
J = Anything But Joey
e1 = the new guy(s) in The Famed
e2 = the new guy(s) in Stuck on Broadway]

So that's what I thought of the show. I don't think there's anything contradictory in there...

24 June 2005

A happy Lawrence Day to all!

As most good days do, this one started with a bit of Galaxies, and then we headed out with a carload of Michelle, Shannon, Nicole, Netty, and me. And a can of corn. First stop: Pochi, where I got misself an orange smoothie with \'tapioca pearls,\' or as I call them, \'ammunition\' (launching them through a straw works very well :) ). Now we\'re at Free State Brewery, drinking and looking at menus while we wait for the arrival of Newgen--who\'s still at work--and Aaron--who\'s on his way from Manhattan w/ Amber.
After this, it\'s on to the show, which, as I understand it, will consist of The Famed and Stuck on Broadway opening for Ludo. Am I interested in any of these bands? Not particularly. But it should still be a good time. The first two bands, for those who don\'t know, are the two halves of a band I never really cared for. If they split along the correct fault lines, though, there\'s a good chance I\'ll like one or the other. And either way, I\'ve been curious to see what the Granada is like inside.
For now I shall enjoy cheddar ale soup and wild mushroom ravioli to the tunes of Skriggety-Skruff and the Good Times. (Ok, I don\'t know what their name is, but there is a live band here). Mayhap I\'ll post from the concert if that\'s possible.

23 June 2005


Location: coldstone (duh), poaching internet from Java
My rolling crew and I are enjoying iced creams in 4 delicious flavors: cake batter w/ oreos (netty), mint w/ chocolate shavings (nicole), peach w/ gummi bears (michelle and shannon), and coffee w/ heath bar(me). Mmmmm. This after a rousing game of Chipotle-fueled disc golf. Quite a day.

22 June 2005

I'd play it...

Ah, Internet-ville. Full of so many kooky people doing so many absurd things. But some of these things are also entertaining. Like the guy who's working on a Homestar Runner mod of Half Life. Unfortunately, the project seems to have died (probably had something to do w/ the release of Half Life 2), but the dude posted on his forum a few days ago, saying he'd like to finish it. Not that anyone's playing the original Half Life anymore... At the very least, though, you should check out the player models. It's interesting to see how he made 3-D 'sense' of the nonsensically-shaped HR characters (there's even a Trogdor model). There was some talk of making the mod open-source, so mayhap I can get my hands on those models in the near future and 3DS them to the Max.

Link from a killa

Here's something interesting... I was going through my journal, and I found a web address I'd written down over a year ago in my American English class. The one taught by Professor Murray, who was recently convicted of stabbing his wife... It's just a silly little linguistics test, to see if we could determine how some new words were added to the language. It's not all that interesting, but a guy who had most likely killed someone a few months earlier gave it to me, which is interesting in a weird, weird, very weird way. Enjoy. (Note: when I typed in the address, I got 404'd!, so the site is brought to you courtesy of archive.org, one of the most useful/cool websites out there.)

21 June 2005

My Life

Episode 1138

A Trivial Pursuit

Wings! Tuesday has again come to the Galaxy, and our hero
must now meet his destiny at BUFFALO WILD WINGS. He
woke up late in the afternoon, and most likely won't eat anything
until wing-a-lings. The resulting hunger will make potato wedges

Meanwhile, his wife Netty has traveled to the remote planet of
Stone House, where she leads a rescue mission to save the
babies there from an evil foe known only as Laura B.

In the chaos of the moment, one thing seems clear: there will
be wings and trivia very soon. And based on recent patterns,
SUPER TENNIS seems likely as well...

20 June 2005

2 cool things

Hello, and welcome to today's episode of 2 Cool Things. First up, something I didn't have time to post before the weekend's G.C. excursion: the 1-hour Will Wright talk from this year's GDC, in which he talks about his new, mind-bogglingly awesome game, Spore. That guy's a freaking genious.
And Thing 2: the Cloud Harp project, in which a laser/telescope setup is used to generate music from clouds. The samples they have on the site actually kinda sound the way they should. Ensign--Cool Factor 5...engage.

16 June 2005

In other news...

For you pirate fans out there, while I was browsing the IMDb, I came across *Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (set to come out next year) and Pirates 3 (set to come out in '07). The fun part is that they're filming at the same time, so we'll get more pirates two years in a row! There is a movie coming out in 2006 called 'Return of the Ninja', so for those keeping track, if we start in 2003 when the original 'Pirates' came out and go on into the forseeable future, it looks like the score is Pirates: 3 Ninjas: 1 Go Pirates!

*Before you click on the links, there are a couple of minor spoilers if you look at the 'credited cast' section, so if you don't want to know who the new characters will be, don't look.

We saw Batman Begins last night! And now I'm reviewing it!

I've been waiting for this one since I heard about it a year or so ago. Actually, I've been waiting much longer than that-- since Joel Schumacher hijacked the franchise and drove it straight into the ground, I've been hoping someone would come along to resurrect it. The first two Batmans (Batmen?) were good-- a little over the top at times, but in a controlled and purposeful way. When it comes to Burton, you either love him or hate him. I love him--he tends to make movies that stand out from all the other crap out there, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He did a good job with Batman, and so did Keaton. Then Warner Brothers apparently decided that success wasn't for them, and did their best to piss off Batman fans around the world (myself included). But that's all in the past. Christopher Nolan has taken over, and WB seems to have stayed out of his way. (Nolan directed Memento--if you haven't seen it, do so immediately.)

The new Batman...well...makes sense. He's believable. He's a real person in a real world. He uses real gadgets and a real car (well...not real, but you know what I mean). We get the backstory, and we get to understand why he does what he does (though if you've read
Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One" graphic novel, you're already familiar with much of this). The story's as much about Bruce Wayne as it is about Batman, which is as it should be. Christian Bale plays a great Batman--he's moody and emotional, seems constantly on the verge of a breakdown, and you always wonder whether he's going to stay true to the 'good guy' code or give in to his instincts for revenge. And the rest of the cast is crazy-go-nuts as well. Michael Caine is the perfect replacement Alfred, possibly better than the last (though I did really like that guy...). And I always like Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Oldman. The girl (because yes, there's always a girl), played by Katie Holmes was really the only weakness. She's an ok actress and all, but she looks 16 and I didn't buy her as an Assistant D.A. I wouldn't say she brought the film down, but a little more thought could have gone into the casting for this part (they considered Natalie Portman, who most likely would have been a better choice). Oh, and the music was quite good. But really, how could it not be? When you combine the talents of Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, you can't go wrong. It wasn't quite as exciting as Danny Elfman's original Batman score, but it really fit the movie-- a little darker, a little more serious.

In general, it's just much less 'cartoony' than other comic-book movies like Spiderman, etc. In fact, a lot of people are calling this the best comic-book movie ever. In my opinion it's second to
Sin City (hm...another Frank Miller job...are we sensing a trend here?) but a very close second. That's just what I think, though. Go see it for yourself and let me know what you think--methinks you'll like it--and then we'll wait together for the sequel(s), already in the works.

Oh, and because some giving things overall scores is fun: 9.5/10

04 June 2005

Location: my futon, at home

My wireless router works! (shh...don't tell k-state) And as an added bonus, i got Y! messenger to work on Little Compy! For those who use it, my away-from-home I.D. is wireless_chris_turpin. I'll use it when I'm either away from home or using Big Compy for other things. Hooray for wireless!

01 June 2005

The rest of our little day-trip...

So, after Free State we walked over to Signs of Life--a coffeehouse/bookstore/art gallery-- and got our browse on. And a couple of us ordered coffee. I got something called a Jumping Monkey, which is coffee blended with a banana and, I believe, chocolate. It was quite good. A lot better than you're thinking. :) Didn't actually taste very banana-y--the combination of coffee and banana makes a kind of nutty flavor. But the texture was weird...very thick. On the way out, a girl recommended that I try it on ice. Next time, Random Person, next time.
So after our monkey adventures we went to Newgen's and played Anti-Grav for a bit. That's a fun game. Hopefully more developers will pick up on the Eye-Toy potential with the PS3 (or whatever the new version of Eye-Toy is called). Anyhoo, we headed home after that, leaving Newgen free to sleep. The drive home was rainy, but so was nearly all of yesterday.
I'm sure Netty'll have pics up on her blog in the next day or two.

31 May 2005

Location: Free State Brewery, Lawrence, KS

Just finished up a fine meal of cheddar ale soup (if you haven't had it, you're missing out) and grilled shrimp pasta--with black linguini, which was cool. And tasty. Cool and tasty. We came up to hang with the Newgen-factor for the day (Shancole came last night). Our game of disc golf got rained out, but that led to disc-jumping at the skate park--look for pics in the future on my, Netty's, or Shannon's blogs. Then we Mario-Karted at Newgen's house til dinner. Good day. Gooood day.

26 May 2005

Location: Panera

Since I haven't posted for a while, and since I'm currently Wireless'd! it seems appropriate to say something now. So, what do you think of this: a story about a monkey who gets cast out of monkey society because he refuses to throw his own poop like everyone else. I thought of that last night, as an absurd example of something (I forget what) in a discussion with Netty. She liked the idea, though I think it was because it was 3 in the morning and she was tired. It was funny though.

19 May 2005


Slushyville now has Coke! I mixed mine with cherry, and it's a-pretty pretty good.

New blog

In the interest of not cluttering up this blog with a lot of long posts, I've made a new one concerning the upcoming Archival Edition of Star Wars. Check it out. I suppose you also retain the right to not check it out, as well, but that just wouldn't be as cool.

Episode III

Go see it. It makes I and II better (especially if you watch them all together, as we did today) and in my opinion it makes the original trilogy better as well--the Rebellion, Luke being the last of the Jedi, Yoda and Ben being in hiding, the Luke/Leia/Vader family thing...all of it is more complicated and seems more important now. Lucas worried us with Episode I, II was better by far, but III makes it seem like he knew what he was doing all along. I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, but it sucks to be them because in my world Star Wars is still awesome.

12 May 2005

Location: Chipotle (poaching wi-fi from Radina's :) )

My finals are over, I'm Chipotle'd up, and there's a storm a-brewing. I'm happy, and I just figured yous might wanna know. :)

11 May 2005

Location: Eisenhower Hall

Waiting for finals to start sucks...

10 May 2005

Funny stuff

Since some of us were discussing (and pointing out the flaws of) scientology not too long ago...here's something funny.

09 May 2005

Slowly learning Flash

As you may know, Womping Pirate Industries currently has a project in the works to rent out African countries to select clientele. We currently have a website under construction, which will have all the details. Check it out, and keep an eye out for updates!

08 May 2005

HFC! (Holy Freakin Crap!)

Netty painted models last night! Without any warning at all, she asked where her night goblins were and she finished six of 'em! Netty paints on her own, and one more piece of a fun summer clicks into place. :)

05 May 2005

Creepy organ music!

Yes! I gots me some Phantom of the Opera music--the main theme (with vocals) and the Overture (just creepy organ, no vocals). Two more free songs to go!

03 May 2005

$ for music

Yes, it's true: I've finally downloaded something and actually paid for it. MSN's music d/l service has a deal right now--buy one song ($0.99) and get 5 free. I've been wanting to have The Crystal Method's 'Name of the Game' and Ozomatli's 'Who's to Blame?' (hm...they rhyme...I hadn't noticed before) so now I have em, plus 4 more songs, when I and/or Netty decide what we want. I'm not sure if it's a 1-time deal, or if each song you buy = 5 free, but either way it's a pretty good deal. If the 'other' kind of downloading has become a hassle for you, as it has for me, this is a pretty good (and cheap) option. You can play each file on up to 5 different computers at a time, but you have to sign in w/ your .NET passport on each machine to do it, which means no mp3 players (at least it doesn't work on mine, but it's freakin Chinese, so who knows?). As far as I know, though, the CD-burning workaround works for this like it does for i-Tunes, so no real problem there. Based on my experience so far, I believe I'll go ahead and recommend it to ya'll.

Buy spurs and wear them.

30 April 2005

Attack of the Weekend!

So...here's a summary of the beginning of our weekend. We (Shancole, Netty and I) went to So Long and much good burger-age was had. Then, since the stuff at the Union (concert, free stuff, etc.) was still going on, and since Aaron and Amber were there, we went to check it out. We got free mini-staplers, free Pepsi Edge (the Edge stands for crap), and saw Ben Kweller's concert. I'd never heard any of his music, so I had no idea what to expect. He put on a pretty good show...I don't think I'd consider myself a fan--his music was a little too...erratic for me-- but he was definitely entertaining to watch live. After the concert (and after none of us won a free grill or a $1k vacation) they were showing National Treasure, and since we were already there and it was free, we watched it. It's an alright movie, in its own stupid way. Nothing great, but easily worth $0. And now we're home. Galaxies seems likely.

29 April 2005

Location: Forum Hall, KSU Student Union

I just came up with a new word: greetarded. Definition: something as retarded as Greedo shooting first. As in, 'Dude, that Pepsi Edge stuff is Greetarded.' Use it, and tell your friends.


One more thing: I just read that they're planning 2 sequels. God loves me.

A very good movie

We (Netty, Aaron, and I) went last night to see Sin City. I'd been wanting to see it for a while and I'm glad I did. That movie is cool. I'd wanted to see it because of the style, which is a dark, comic book noir-ish kind of thing--the same kind of style I've had in mind for writing a Necromunda novel. (And coincidentally, there was a Vega's gang in this movie--it was awesome.) Most of the shots looked like panels straight from a comic book, from the framing to the lighting to the use of color. And they filtered/CG'd it so that a lot of the movie looks hand-drawn. Besides just looking cool, the storyline was entertaining and twisted, and the characters were complicated when they needed to be and stupid, gun-toting brutes when they needed to be.
Talking to Netty about it afterward, I realized you could watch this movie twenty times, watching for something different each time. For example, most of the movie is in almost-black-and-white, with certain things in color (blood, for one thing). The interesting (and puzzling) thing is the eyes--certain characters, at certain times, have colored eyes. It seemed to be just women, but it wasn't all of them...I don't know, but I could watch the movie again just looking to figure that out. And there are a dozen other things like that.
I can't recommend it for everyone, because I don't think everyone would appreciate the style they're going for. And it's violent. Very violent. That didn't bother me in the least, but... Anyway, if you do see it, I'd suggest going into it with an open mind. Watch it for the movie that it is, not all the movies that it isn't. Of course, that's my advice for all movies. And it's a good thing to keep in mind, considering H2G2 comes out today...

28 April 2005

Location: Panera

Netty's sewing. Yes, sewing in Panera. She was waiting to see if her belly dancing shirt would come in at the last minute...it didn't, so she's sewing a string of jinglebobs on a t-shirt. Not sure how that's gonna look, but it's sure funny watching her sew and eat at the same time.

Oh, and I've decreed that Sin City shall be watched by me, today. Anybody wanna go with me?

27 April 2005

Bought some dark side M&M's...pretty cool colors, huh?

24 April 2005

Matrix ping pong

A guy showed this at the Japanese Festival today. Very entertaining.

21 April 2005

Because a lot of you have been asking me about Turpins in the Civil War, here ya go:

Because 3 posts in 1 day just isn't enough...

The Dick Turpin thing got me to wondering...

English and French: from an Anglo-Norman French form of the Old Norse personal name þórfinnr, composed of the elements þórr, the name of the god of thunder in Scandinavian mythology (see
Thor) + the ethnic name Finnr Finn. This may have absorbed another name, Turpius, Turpinus (from Latin turpis ugly, base), one of the self-abasing names adopted as a mark of humility by the early Christians. It was borne by the archbishop of Rheims in the Charlemagne legend.Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

Top Places of Origin for turpin

Place ofOrigin/ Turpin Immigrants
Great Britain/2

Compiled by Ancestry.com from the New York Passenger Lists

Coat of Arms!

Here's a cool store. You give them your name and they send you the earliest coat of arms/family crest associated with it (and family history, if you want it). You can get them on a lot of different items--glasses, shirts, wedding gifts, rings (very cool), etc., and if you don't want a physical one, you can have them email it to you for pretty cheap. It's most excellent. The only problem is that you can't see your coat of arms before you order. But I'm seriously considering getting something from them.


Combine Netty's (old) last name and my last name, and what do you get? Why, an English thief/highwayman, of course!
Turpin, Dick, 1706-39, English robber. After a short and brutal career of horse stealing and general crime he was hanged at York. The fameor notorietythat he later achieved derives mainly from W. H. Ainsworth's romance, Rookwood (1834), which is based upon his life. Turpin's famous ride from London to York on his mare, Black Bess, is fiction, and his actual exploits were not of a romantic character.

For more, go here.

Update, Operation Spur

Got this reply today. It's a step in the right direction.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for contacting CafePress.com

Thank you for your suggestion. Your request has been forwarded directly to our product manager for further review and consideration. Please check our message boards for updates and announcements from CafePress.com.


Britta A.
Inbound Marketing Specialist
1-877-809-1659 Toll Free
510-877-1579 Intl/Local

That's right: directly to the product manager. Booyah.


Phase one (email CafePress) complete:

To Whom It May Concern:

First of all, let me apologize. I don't actually have a problem, but I couldn't figure out another way to contact the right people.

What I have is a suggestion. I know that CafePress prides itself on offering all the latest 'hip' and 'trendy' products for your users to customize. And let me say, you usually do a fantastic job of it. Hence my disappointment at discovering that you don't offer spurs. As I'm sure you know, they are quickly becoming the next big thing. To put it simply, anybody who's anybody is wearing spurs nowadays, and you don't offer them. I can only assume that you have something in the works, and if not, please consider it. I know several dozen people ready to order customized spurs from CafePress. Thank you.

~Chris Turpin, loyal customer

20 April 2005


In case you missed it, I added an Answers.com search box to my sidebar. If you've never used it before, you're missing out on informational awesomeness. Give it a try.

SWAT Monkey!

I'm not much of a news-blogger, but this is too cool not to post. A guy in Arizona wants to get a grant to buy a monkey for his SWAT team! Not even kidding.

17 April 2005

Location: Best Western, Limon, CO

Well, we got Tara married. The wedding went all according to plan, I guess. I was on the program as 'gift table attendant' before I even knew I had the job...pretty funny. And Netty was 'personal attendant' or somesuch. The reception was in the basement, with sandwich-type food and lemonade.

We didn't know what we wanted to do when it was all over, and we both started feeling sick, which was powerfully uncool. We ended up driving through Garden of the Gods, which Netty hadn't seen before, and then parking in Old Colorado City and taking a car-nap. When we woke up, feeling a little better, we went into Manitou Springs to look for food. Advice: don't ever go there looking for food--the few places they have look good, but most of them are expensive and for some reason don't take credit cards... There were a couple of cool stores there. I bought some Chocolate Mint syrup at a store called Spice of Life, and there was a fondue restaurant we wanted to go to, but the cheapest meal option was $36/person.

So we left, and Netty was starting to feel really bad and I was, too, but I wanted to get home. After an hour of driving, though, I decided I'd had enough, so we stopped here for the night. We're both feeling much better now. Checkout's at 11, and then we'll be on the road back to Manhappiness.

15 April 2005

Location: Comfort Inn, Colorado Springs

So, a few things have happened since my last post. The poetry slam was fun. Taylor Mali was awesome as usual. He performed four or five poems, then the slam started. There were a few really good performances and a couple really bad ones (by annoying people I know from class), but the best guy, in my opinion, won, which was good. Then we slept, packed, and hit the road.

Three Panera bagels, seven hours of driving, two bathroom stops, and one Quizno's sandwich later and we were at the church for Tara's wedding rehearsal. It was rehearsal-rific, and there was spaghetti for dinner afterwards. Now we're hanging out at the motel (the younguns are swimming). Pretty soon Netty and I are going over to Tara and Dan's apartment, which is where we're sleeping tonight.

Since the wedding, etc. starts so early tomorrow, it'll all be over by 2, making a little detour to Flatirons a distinct possibility...

Well, I'm supposed to be working on a story this weekend, so I'll get back to it.

14 April 2005

Location: Union Station

We're here waiting for the poetry slam to start, and since we were just at Planet Sub, I'll tell you what I thought. Because I know that you're dying to know. I ordered a chicken parmesan sub--good, but falls apart...it got a 7/10. Besides the food, they had Barq's,which is always a plus, but no foam soap in the bathroom is a negative, so that balances out, leaving the score at 7/10. So now you know.
Location: Panera


Go there. Don't ask. Just go. Trust me.
Location: Panera

More spur info: apparently, spurs make little or no noise on their own. People put little metal beads on them called 'jinglebobs' to make noise. Jinglebobs are critical, since the jingle is one of the things that make spurs cool. So, when all you cool kids order your spurs, make sure you pay extra for jinglebobs. :)

13 April 2005

I'm thinking something like this, but obviously the skull/vine motif would have to change, and the rowels (the spiky wheels) are a little too big for my taste. Posted by Hello

A new trend...maybe

Because starting fake campaigns and movements is apparently what I do now, I have a new one: a movement to make spurs fashionable. Yes, spurs. But without all the other cowboy stuff. Just the spurs. Why? Because I've decided that spurs are cool. So, if anyone out there wants to buy me a pair, I'll most likely wear them on a daily basis (I'd prefer dark or black metal, so they'll match my boots, but I'll take what I can get). And then you'll start to see all the cool kids wearing 'em. I'm tellin ya'll, spurs could be the next big thing (that I made up). Think about it.
(Michelle--I leave it to you to start the spur trend in G.C.)

09 April 2005

Location: my car, in the parking lot of the Union.

Netty's putting the last of the photos from Jayme's wedding into albums so we can give em to Irene, finally. This post is mainly just so I can be on the internet in my car, but I also have something to report. We were just at Wal-Mart, and I saw something horrible--ketchup-flavored potato chips. Did you know these existed? So it looks like, in addition to my secret society (shh), I'm also gonna be leading a crusade to put a stop to that crap. Actually, I'm out to shut down ketchup in general. It's a common misconception that ketchup is made of tomatoes. It is, in fact, demon blood, and those who eat it become minions of Hell. So keep that in mind next time you eat a burger.


Netty and I were talking about this the other night. For those who don't know, the psychological community (or, as I call it, the anti-science/logic community) now classifies so-called 'trans-sexuals' as their own gender. What they're trying to do is to seperate 'sex' from 'gender'--seperate one's physical orientation from their mental one. Now, with gay people, it's ok. If a guy decides he's more attracted to guys than girls, fine (it doesn't work w/ my own personal morality, but hey, this is America). BUT, the transsexual category is absurd. It's composed of people who think they feel other than what they physically are. Now, instead of a guy who's attracted to other guys, we have a guy who says 'I know I'm physically male, but I feel like a woman.' If you don't immediately see the absurdity in that statement, let me point it out. What does 'feel like a woman' mean? Guys, go ask the closest woman what it's like to be female, and girls, ask yourselves. The answers you'll get (if any) will have no more value than what you'd get asking me 'What's it like to be Chris?' (incidentally, I'd say something like 'it's supremely awesome'). If you were me, being me would be different. That's just how it works. Categorizing a guy who 'feels like a woman' as having his own gender is as ridiculous as categorizing Batman as trans-species because he 'feels like a bat.' He's just an insane person who dresses up like a bat--that doesn't make him part bat (Note: I am in NO WAY dissin da Bat--we's homies). In my view, if a person thinks they're something they're clearly not, that's a sign of mental instability, or at the least, mental weirdness. Now all you hippies out there--settle down. I'm not passing any moral judgements on transsexuals. I'm simply saying that I don't think that giving them their own gender category is a good idea, because it's an attempt to 'legitimize' a mental problem. If a person says 'I am a woman' one can see clearly for oneself whether that's true or not. "But if that's what they feel like, then isn't that what they are?" you say. No. If a person says he's Jesus, we don't say 'What up, Lord?' We say no. But, as I've learned, people today (and yes, I'll say it--I'm talking about liberals) don't like to be told they're wrong. They don't want to hear the word 'no', so they've devised an entire philosophy around not wanting to be wrong--the 'everyone's right' philosophy. You may not think you're familiar with this philosophy, but you probably are. They also call it 'open-mindedness.' In my version of 'open-mindedness,' one is open to and considers all possible sides of an issue before making a decision, and further, is willing at some future point to accept new evidence or arguments and change one's mind. The hippie version goes something like 'Everyone is right' (though, as the 'Free-thinkers Society' on campus does, they tend to leave Christians out of 'everyone'). By that philosophy, if a dude says he feels like a woman, who are we to argue? Well, I don't know who you are, but I can tell you that I'm a logical, free-thinking being who sees a confused man. Assigning a distinct gender to these people is like playing along with a schizophrenic's hallucinations.
But enough talk.

And here's my Beastmen...I just finished the big one in the middle a little while ago Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Here's a couple pics of the big Necromunda truck-a-ma-thing I finished about a month ago. Posted by Hello

07 April 2005

Star Wars Pez! They had 'em at Dillons, and I couldn't stop myself. Note that there's only one pack that's not lemon or orange...some sort of citrus conspiracy? Posted by Hello
Location: Panera

Ok guys. I'm starting a secret society, and I'm looking for members. Our long-term goal(over thousands of years) will be the guided evolution of humanity. Let me know if you're in. Oh, and since I'm posting this on a public blog, our first order of business at our first meeting will be to work on that "secret" thing. :)

Someone doing something smart!

Location: home
Now don't get too excited...it wasn't that big a deal. There's a tree on campus that drops little red berries on the sidewalk, and they get trampled into red/yellow mush. It looks disgusting. And today, I saw a maintenance person in one of those snow-brush machines, sweeping/scraping it all off. Like I said, not a big thing, but innovative use of a machine indicates that someone, somewhere, was thinking.

05 April 2005

[No title yet...suggestions?]

Ron loved to eat potatoes. He started growing them in his back yard, but was disappointed with their size. The potatoes never grew large enough for him. He'd gone to college and had received a degree in biochemistry, which he'd never used. Now, though, he had the opportunity to use his knowledge and apply it to potatoes. He could learn to grow them large enough to satisfy his appetite for them. He began working in his basement, using gene sequencers and carefully applied doses of radiation. Soon the potatoes began to grow larger, some as large as his cat. These he baked in the oven, and ate with salt and butter and sour cream.

He continued his experimentation. Soon the potatoes were too big to fit in the oven. These he baked over large fires in his back yard, and he bought large bags of rock salt to sprinkle on them. He could no longer afford the required amounts of butter and sour cream.

It soon became apparent that he was reaching the upper limit of possible potato size. The potatoes didn't get much bigger than a small car, and it didn't appear as if they ever could. He ignored the evidence, though, and kept trying. He applied larger doses of chemicals and and radiation, and he tried cross-pollinating with other species. The potatoes didn't grow any larger, but they started to change. One of them moved. It was the only one growing in the backyard--there wasn't room for any others--and one day while Ron was watering, the ground shook. It was the potato.

Soon all his new potatoes were moving, but they stopped shaking after he baked them, so he ate them. He always felt bad for a time after eating one, as though he'd taken a life. But he didn't stop. This was his obsession now.

The shaking became more pronounced in later specimens. One shook itself right out of the ground after it had grown to full size, then sat there quivering. Wonderful, he thought. I've created the perfect potato--it even digs itself up for you. He decided to perfect his technique and then try to sell it. With the money, he could start new experiments, maybe with other foods. He was starting to get tired of potatoes anyway. So he kept working, and soon he had a systematic formula worked out--step-by-step instructions on how to grow giant, self-surfacing potatoes. He had only to test it once more. He planted the final potato.

It started shaking a couple days before its 'due-date,' as Ron thought of it. When it was time, he sat in a lawn chair on the back porch, waiting and watching. The ground was really shaking now--it was time. He walked over to where he could see the top of the tuber peeking out of the dirt, shaking its way free. As it emerged, he noticed that there was something different about this specimen. He waited for it to fully expose itself, at which point the shaking subsided somewhat. He stood close to it, noticing a dark line running across the surface of the potato. It looked like a deep crack. Maybe this was insect damage of some kind. As he probed it with his finger, the crack suddenly opened, and the potato ate him.

[Silly, huh?]
Location: Eisenhower, wating for Creative Writing to start

It's raining pretty hard now. I had to walk over from work, and I got soaked and cold. But hey, it's rain, which is, if you didn't know, one of my favorite things ever. Yes, ever. So getting cold wasn't all that bad.

I guess we're going to talk about short short stories tonight (yes, 'short' and then another 'short') and maybe do some writing. I wrote a short short at work last night, based on an incredibly silly poem I wrote in high school. The poem was about a farmer who wants to grow bigger pumpkins. He uses radiation (a la Spiderman, etc.) to make them bigger and bigger, until it gets a little out of control (you'll understand when/if you read the story). I wrote it to say to the teacher, "Ha! That crap's poetry, too!" (I wasn't too big a fan of poetry in high school), and she ended up loving it. Anyway, the story's based on that, but I switched the pumpkin to a potato. Since it's short, I'll post it for ya'lls. (Keep in mind it's a first draft, straight out of my brain and into my little compy.)

02 April 2005

Location: Panera

Disc golf + soup and sandwich at Panera = happy me. A useful formula, let me tell you.

01 April 2005

Location: Renaissance Lit class, Eisenhower Hall

So it looks like G-mail's upping its capacity to 2gb per user, presumably in response to Yahoo!'s increase to 1gb. My question is, what are people using all this space for, anyway? I mean, if the 1gb limit for Yahoo also applies to their Briefcase service, I can see that being useful...but a gig or 2 of email?

30 March 2005

Location: Renaissance Lit class, Eisenhower Hall

It's raining!

29 March 2005

Location: Eisenhower hall

I see new routers on the ceiling out in the hall, and what do I think? Wireless post from class! I'm such a geek.

28 March 2005

Location: Derby

Actual time (as opposed to the time this gets uploaded): 6:54pm

Here's something I didn't know:

"Making a copy of a copyright sound recording in Australia, even between formats, is completely and utterly illegal. Want to put your CD collection on your iPod? Sorry. Too bad." (from Wired News)

That's lame. Powerfully lame. All P2P issues aside, at least in the U.S. if you buy music, you can do more or less what you want to with it.
Location: on the shuttle, parked in front of the old K-state alumni center

Hey all. Just posting from the shuttle, because I can. :) Not much going on today besides class (though I did just get two bonus days to finish a paper). It's nice today, which is good, but it pisses me off that the weather was so sucky all spring break and now it's perfect. Oh well... Now Netty and I will go home and begin the hunt for food.

27 March 2005

Our Easter eggs--Strong Bad, a powercat, and a lovely spring day. :) Posted by Hello

26 March 2005

This is going to be in my house...

I've been wondering how I want to handle music in our house (when we finally get one). And here's the answer: Sonos. It's a wireless system that lets you use your existing music collection (on PC) and play whatever song you want in up to 32 different rooms. Kinda expensive, but probably worth it. And you can just buy the basic system and then expand whenever you want. Fun stuff.

25 March 2005

Today's been weird... I never really woke up, I think. And we ate at a weird time--4:00. It was So Long, though, so it was good. We stopped off at the Smelly Bookshelf and I rummaged through the half-price box and got a beastman model and a couple old copies of White Dwarf. Then Netty, Michelle, and I went home and watched Finding Neverland again...it's still good. Then our rampant silliness drove us to Coldstone, despite the chilly weather. Now we're at Radina's, warming up (Netty and I are having a cinnamon cappuccino). Everybody's reading a pamphlet about the upcoming Kansas vote on defining marriage. Uh-oh--sounds like they're getting a little riled.

Oh, and Gary got me a pretty cool b-day present--a two-foot section of track lighting to put on my painting table. Woot!

24 March 2005

Testing... Just wanted to see if the program works...I just synced with my compy. If you're reading this, it means my post got uploaded automatically. Score!
Yo yo yo! It's da C-dog comin at you live from Radina's! As usual, Varney's had a lot of almost-but-not-quite useful stuff on sale. But Gary got his mug, which was the point of going in the first place. More noteworthy is the baby cradle mobile with little powercats that plays the fight song! Our kid is definitely having one of those.

After Varney's, we walked down to Mercado (which now sells fresh cheese and olives--score) and we bought some 'Tea of Inquiry.' So look out for future inquisitions at our house!

Netty, Gary, and Michelle are headed for the mall, Shannon and Nicole have returned to their lair, and I'm enjoying a triple mint mocha and dorking around on the internet. Good times.
Hey hey...it's my first wireless post! Aren't you excited? We're at Chipotle, and I just enjoyed a spifftacular trio of carnitas soft tacos. Some kinda good. Now we (us, Shancole, Michelle, et Gary) are gonna go browse around in Varney's for a bit. Woot! Wireless'd!

A new bloginning...or somesuch

As annoying as it is, I've switched to a new blog. For those who don't know, I recently bought a handheld PC and a wireless card. I want to be able to use it to post to my blog from such places as Panera or Pochi, and I can't do that with Bravejournal. So here we are. I got a program that lets me post either through a wireless connection or the next time i sync with my home compy...pretty cool. It also downloads 'channels' everytime i sync--stuff like news and weather. It's kinda like browsing the web, but w/o a connection. Fun stuff. Anyhoo, I'm off to bed.