25 January 2007

Oh, Pan's Labyrinth....

...how I wish to see thee. We're going to see Children of Men on Friday, which I'm really looking forward to (really), but if I had to choose between that and Pan's Labyrinth, I'm thinking I'd rock the Labyrinth. But I can't, because it still only has a limited release (I assume, just because it's a Spanish-language film). So, if you live in a city where it's playing, please go see it 7 or more times, and encourage your friends and family to do the same. We need to convince Warner Bros. to give it a full release. Please. Do it for the children. The children who shouldn't be at an R-rated film in the first place, and whose parents will be annoyingly reading the subtitles to them. On second thought, screw the children. Let's just do this one for me.
[Update: I just checked the website, and it says the film is "Opening in even more theaters this Friday, January 26th.  Has my miracle already happened?]

24 January 2007

21 January 2007

Bad title, (possibly) good movie.

Baz Luhrmann, you know?  (that one's for the Lyndo aficionados) 

In case you don't know:  Baz Luhrmann, director of the "Red Curtain Trilogy," which I call the "Red Curtain Duology," because Strictly Ballroom was so terrible.  But we'll forgive him for that, because Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge were so good.

Now that we're all caught up...  The Baz is directing a new film for 2008 called, simply, Australia, a title so simple that it's completely meaningless.  But through the magic of iMDB, we can learn more than the Baz's title is willing to divulge, and then rank our interest in this film accordingly:

directed by the Baz...+10 points (would be more, but we haven't seen anything from him in a while, and I'm a skeptic)

starring Nicole Kidman...+1 point  (great actress, can apparently transform into anyone)

starring Hugh Jackman...+2 point (also a good actor, has adamantium claws)

features an Australian cattle drive... +2 points (because, you know, why not?)

features Japanese bombing of Australia in WWII... + 15 points (something I've never seen before and that I know nothing about)

Now, if we run the numbers through the Add-o-mo-tron, we can determine that our interest level is somewhere around 30 points.  30 out of what?  I don't know.  The Add-0-m0-tron can't do everything.  Yet.

20 January 2007

l challenge you to a duel.

Michelle and I had a drawing competition today. I opened with "Bruce. American Hero," to which she responded with the lovable "Ccarl." As you can see, it started out as a friendly competition.

Things quickly took a more menacing turn when my "Chunk's Famous Zoo Balloonz" was met with Michelle's "Pirate Bee Saboteur."

My honor was now at stake, so I countered with "Wartoise, the War Tortoise."

Wartoise didn't last long against "Queen B." Ouch.

Finally, with the last of my fading strength, I drew my most potent weapon: Pitfall Harry.

12 January 2007

It's about freaking time.

Ok, so they've been messing with me for the last 6 or so years with this Indiana Jones 4 business...we're making it...we're not...we can't agree on a script...etc, etc. And now the crap is finally over: according to indianajones.com, Indy 4 is going into production in June, with an expected release date of May 2008. Indy fans rejoice! I'll be running around bullwhipping Nazis like crazy in anticpation for the next year, just FYI.