11 April 2006

G4 doing something cool?

I'm just as confused as you are, but their new 'Star Trek 2.0' is really quite entertaining. I'm watching it right now, as a matter of fact. As much as some people love it, the original Star Trek sucked in a lot of ways. G4's presentation of it gives the viewer the ability to discuss/make fun of it with others via the live chat at the bottom of the screen, and there's 'Trek Stats' column on the left side, which keeps track of such things as 'Red Alerts,' 'Hot Alien Women,' and 'dramatic Kirk pauses.' My favorite stat is 'Enterprise Doomed,' which is currently at two (in one episode!). Oh, how fun. There's also 'Trek Facts' on the top of the screen and the 'Spock Market' ticker on the right (in which you trade shares of characters and technology--it actually looks fairly well developed). It's certainly better than G4's other offerings, such as the hopefully-soon-to-be-dead AOTS or, even worse, The Man Show. Is 'Star Trek 2.0' enough to save G4, though? I rather doubt it, so you should enjoy this show while the network is still alive.

09 April 2006

A good idea, but...

This is one of those things you wish they just wouldn't put on the news. It's a new defensive system designed to protect armored vehicles from RPG rounds. If it actually works as advertised, it'll be quite useful...except that everyone knows its under development now since it aired on Fox News. I know I'm not helping matters by posting it here, but really, if the three or four of you that actually read my blog will agree to keep quiet, I think we'll be ok.


Actually, it's a normal-sized fork, but someone stuck it in the ground next to the giant spork on campus.

03 April 2006


Stephen Colbert was drinking this on his show tonight. It's a pistachio-flavored soda, from an entire line of nut-flavored sodas called Nutz Sparkling Soda Pop. As you know, I've always warned against the dangers of mixing carbonated beverages with nuts, and once again I've been proven right: Nutz has been discontinued. And I'm guessing that a company called NUTZ Beverages, Inc. doesn't have anything else in the works to keep themselves afloat. (On the plus side, I discovered bevnet.com, a very cool site that reviews all sorts of drinks)

02 April 2006

Star Wars Miniatures!

I bought a couple booster packs for the Star Wars Miniatures game over Spring Break, but I haven't been able to play since I don't have the starter set (which comes with the game board). So, instead of ordering a set, I made my own board, and I'm slowly making more walls. Netty and I played a game today, and it's quite fun. It makes me want to buy more models. Here's what it looked like.

And here's the end of the game (I won):

P.S. You're all invited over to play anytime.