21 July 2010


If I were a movie executive, I'd push back all my upcoming release dates to distance them from Inception, because this is the yardstick by which all new films will be measured for the next year. If you release a film in 2010, the best reaction you can hope for is, "It was good, but not Inception good."

Alright, I admit I may be overstating things, so I'll back off with the hyperbole and simply put it this way: you may not love this movie as much as I did, but I dare you watch it and not be entertained--both during the movie and for hours of pondering and discussion afterward. And, Dear Reader, keep in mind that although I issue this challenge with no knowledge of who you are and what you like in a movie, whoever you are, you're almost certain to be entertained by one or more of the following:
  • mind-bending metaphysical sci-fi (as opposed to mind-numbing Syfy®)
  • well-paced action that's shot by someone who doesn't use ShakyCam® like a crutch
  • a love sub-plot that actually has something resembling love, rather than the sappy, overacted, hypersexualized, happy-ending Hollywood version of "love" (which incidentally, thanks to a new deal between the MPAA and Satan, has now been rebranded as Luv®)
  • seeing DiCaprio given a chance to act (which he's quite good at) without being forced to fake an accent (which he's not good at)
  • having to use your brain in order to keep up with what's going on, rather than simply waiting for the next car chase or fight scene (and then getting some brilliantly trippy car chases and fight scenes anyway)
  • immediately wanting to watch the film again as soon as it's over
  • being rewarded by getting to the end of a complex sci-fi plot and discovering that the writers DID know what the hell they were doing (thanks for nothing, LOST)
I would be genuinely surprised, Dear Reader, if you found some reason not to like this movie, but if you do, let me know.

IMDb rating: 9.3/10

My rating: 9.8/10

21 January 2010

This is why I do it. :)

13 January 2010

My Rock Band pedal broke over Christmas. I fixed it, and replaced the snapped metal plate with brass. Step 2: replace that pesky plastic with wood. :)

06 January 2010

Something must be said.

Where to begin?
1) Oh, the internet...
2) I know it's fake, but I wish it was real. Why don't sharks attack more helicopters?
3) I'm not sure that 'officialquiz.com' knows what an illusion is.
4) I guess if crap like this means I can have free ad-driven services like Pandora, I'll take it. Ad-clicking morons are subsidizing a good portion of my online life--yet another way in which stupid people are useful.
5) This is just one Syfy meeting away from becoming a movie (in the same vein as Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus). The sequel will feature the offspring of a Pave Low and a Great White; it will be called "Sharklocopter."

13 October 2009

What is it?

I'll give you a hint: it has a head and legs and flipper arms, and though you can't tell from this photo, it's very good at wiggling. Oh, and it's stuck in my wife's innards and it's making her throw up all the time.

An alien parasite? No (close, though).
Give up? It's a 10-week-old fetus-baby!

25 August 2009

Pay attention, parents

I can't say it any better (or more humorously) than this:

In other news, the semester started yesterday and it's too humid outside.  In further other news, I'm at Radina's planning for tomorrow.  When I'm done I'll go eat lunch with Netty and then... home to play Batman: Arkham Asylum!  Woot!

24 July 2009

Totally worth it

If we spent half as much time actually playing Necromunda as I spend making things for it, our campaign would be over now...but it's just so fun. For those who haven't read my Guilder reports (so...everyone, I'd guess, especially since the first one is just now working again), the campaign involves two competing companies--Neat John's Brewery and Creep Fine Liquor. I just finished making the main Creep distillery. It was built in a converted Guilder stronghold after the Guild was driven out of the region years ago.
I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this little project, but summer is the only time I can spend ridiculous amounts of time on things, so I have no regrets. I've also started designing signs and billboards that will add a little variety to the tabletop. Here are a few samples.