29 August 2005

A letter...

...from Mark Twain to Andrew Carnegie, during Carnegie's last years of life when he was giving away his fortune:

You seem to be in prosperity. Could you lend an admirer a dollar & a half to buy a hymn-book with? God will bless you. I feel it. I know it. P.S. Don't send the hymn-book, send the money.

I find that hilarious.

27 August 2005


Location: Chipotle
So the plan was to play a gigantimus (7000+)Warhammer battle with Newgen. And eventually we'll do just that, but setting up took so long (about an hour and a half) that we already need food. The table looks really cool, though, with all the units out. It'll be a long (but fun) battle.

22 August 2005

Water from the Heavens?

No go on the books. I\'m either taking a lit class with no books (a-duh) or the professor is opposed to the Varnopoly and put in an order at Claflin. No big deal--I won\'t need anything today anyway.
It\'s turning out to be a pleasant day, weather-wise. It\'s raining a bit and there\'s a nice breeze at times, so it\'s not as hot as it has been. I\'ve had worse first days of class.

Gettin\' edumacated some more...

Location: KSU Union
First post of the new school year! Actually, despite what that exclamation point implies, I\'m not terribly excited about it. But it\'s all good...I have 0 classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays! (That exclamation point *does* apply.) I\'m taking \'Graduate Studies in English\'--the most generically-named of my classes--which I just got out of. It\'ll be an alright class--mostly discussion. Later on today I have \'Advanced Creative Nonfiction\', (which I\'d hoped to take as an undergrad but couldn\'t) and \'Readings in American Literature, 1945-1964.\' And then I go home and start reading. I figure since I\'m a grad student now, I should actually do *all* of the reading for my classes, as opposed to the 50-60% I did before... And speaking of which, I have to go pick up a couple more books downstairs.

20 August 2005

My Spidey sense is tingling...

So we\'re at Panera, and I came back from the bathroom and sat down, and Netty started staring at a spot just above my right shoulder. Why? Because there was a tiny spider dangling from a strand connected to my ear. I laughed.

18 August 2005


Updating my blog? I must be at Chipotle! So let\'s see...what have I been doing these past few days? Well, I finished painting my Slann Mage-Priest, for one...he looks freaking cool, and if I can ever get a good pic, I\'ll post it. Now I have to get to work on his guards. Also, I\'ve started working on some river scenery to play with. Hopefully it\'ll be done before the upcoming Battle Royale when Newgen comes up.
In other news, I\'m now enrolled in 2 grad classes, I have the department head looking for a research assistantship for me, and it sounds like I\'ll have my tutoring job back, if I want it. And now the rest of the rolling crew is here, so I can eat!

14 August 2005

Ah, Carnitas...taco filling of the gods.

Yes, my travels have once again brought me to Chipotle. As foretold in the prophecy, we played Warhammer, which was fun. Good (Shannon\'s High Elves and my Lizardmen) barely defeated evil (Nicole\'s undead and Netty\'s goblins). And I bought some Temple Guard to protect my Uber-Priest (when I finish painting him :) ). So now I have stuff to paint. Spifftacular!

Welcome to my Sunday

Six hours of sleep? Check. Soup at Panera? Check. Now all we need is some Warhammer at P&C, and we\'ll be doing this day right.

13 August 2005

Hey hey.

I just can\'t resist posting when I have wifi (we\'re at Radina\'s). Not much to say, but I do have some Warhammer news. I was looking for a hardcover version of the rulebook, and one of the Patch & Crow\'s guys had one he was willing to trade for my normal one. AND he has over 6000 points of Empire models, mostly unassembled and unpainted, that he\'s looking to sell. And I just happen to be interested in Empire, since I\'m almost done with Lizardmen. I still don\'t know what his name is, but he\'s my new go-to guy. :)

12 August 2005

\'Tis Friday!

Not that that means much...in summer, every day is Friday!
We (Us, Shancole, Michelle, and R^Hizonda) are Paneraing today. Soon we will do other fun things, like flingalinging.

06 August 2005


We got in from Colorado at exactly 4:15 this morning. That's a long drive. Anyhoo, I"ll post some pics just as soon as it sounds fun to do so (maybe later today).

Also, something I just came across: in their continuing effort to catalogue/reference everything in existance, Google has now added THE FREAKING MOON to their maps. Those crazy kids.

04 August 2005

Finally! Wireless that works!

Woulda been posting more, but haven\'t been able to get wireless to work anywhere. Thanks to Valley of the Wind in Estes Park for having accessible (but slow) wireless! So yeah, we\'re in Estes, about to head up the mountain for some pictacular fun. Oh, and I bought a hat. Ajuaa!

01 August 2005


Yeah, so I forgot to mention that we\'re taking another trip. Now we\'re in Colorado. In Boulder, on Pearl Street, in the Trident Cafe, to be exact. We\'re going to wander around here, eat lunch, then get hippie food at Whole Foods for dinner. That\'s the plan, at least. I\'ll put up some pics tonight, if I remember.