28 November 2005


I was browsing through my latest referrers to my blog, and I discovered that there's a link to good 'ol Bliggety Blog! from the PezHQ website. I was thoroughly amused. :)

I hate OU, but this is pretty cool...

OU’s athletic director ran this full-page ad in the Mercury. If you don’t have a magnifying glass, it says: “We have been fortunate to compete with and against your great teams. In victory or defeat, you epitomized all of the characteristics of a true champion. You have rightfully earned the respect of many for your extraordinary record of achievement. More importantly, you have inspired countless people through your unwavering commitment to something bigger than any one person ... the team. You have profoundly improved the great game of college football. Wildcat fans, today we blend our chorus of Boomer Sooner with your Wildcat Victory as we rise in unison to salute your players, your great coach, Bill Snyder, and his family, for all you have accomplished together.” And if you feel the need, you can get a full-size, readable PDF of the ad here.

Don't worry, I'm still alive.

Location: KSU Union, enjoying a Taco Bell quesadilla
Yes, despite my having not posted for quite awhile, I am still alive and, for the most part, well. Our Thanksgiving break started last Wednesday and we headed for the big G.C. for T-Day dinner on Saturday. And if you know your days of the week, I'm sure you've figured out that we had several days of goofing around at our disposal. We used then to do mostly movie-related things: Netty and Michelle (and at least one of her friends) went to see Rent. They said it was good and that I would have hated it-- which I already knew. Then Netty and I went to see Jarhead, which was a decent movie, probably an 8.4/10. It was more about the people than about the war, and though I like traditional war movies, this was a nice change. We also hit up the Hastings and got mad cheap used DVD's (see video post, forthcoming). Saturday was the big meal-- turkey for us carnivores and lesser foods for that one silly herbivore. And, of course, there was the usual family fun, highlighted by Grandma Fuller playing Hitz on the Gamecube. (see video, forthcoming; and on Shannon's blog as well, I'm sure).
We also got to hang out with the Andy factor at his spiffy house, where we chatted around a fire in his spiffy firebowl, which is in his spiffy backyard. It was, as you may have guessed, pretty all-around spiffy.
The trip home is also worth mentioning, as we were driving between (and through, to some extent) two giant storm systems-- one producing a minor blizzard, the other producing tornadoes. I'll post a screenshot of the radar when I'm on Big Compy.
And now I must leave you, for I have a conference with a professor in 10 minutes. I almost forgot.

17 November 2005

A deep image

Think about it.
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11 November 2005

Ha ha!

Well, all Pirate Islands nations in NationStates have ceased to exist except for the invincible Grog Islands! I win!