25 December 2005

World's first video game

We've come a long way since 1960...

Music video...kinda...

This started out as a music video, and I guess technically it still is one... Anyway, Michelle and I made it last night. It's a good example of the kinds of things you can do with The Movies (the game, that is). Enjoy.

23 December 2005

I should really go to bed, but...

...just as soon as you find something cool on the internet, you find something better. Or, at least, just as good. In this case, it's Netvibes. Like Protopage, minus the customization options, but plus a few built-in features like weather (though I expect one could simply snag an RSS from weather.com or somesuch and use it in Protopage [Update: one can do so]) and Writely compatiblity, which are somewhat useful. The one selling point for me is the ability to import favorites from your home compy--a nice feature since portable favorites is one of the reasons I might use one or the other of these sites. In the long run, I think Protopage might be the spiffier program (well, not really a program, i guess...), because they're likely to pick up the extra features that Netvibes has. They just came out with a new version, and are already hard at work on the next one, and are taking suggestions. Ok, so now that I've rambled about it for a bit, I've decided that Netvibes isn't all that great...but that import feature sure is nice... In any case, if you're new to the world of Ajax-based internet desktops like I am, now you know of at least two options.
Now I believe I will go to bed [Update: I didn't, but I will now, I swear].


After playing around with Protopage some more, I've officially promoted it from 'somewhat cool' status to 'quite spiffy' status. Here's my page (not at all finished). Go ahead and mess around with it, move things, etc. It won't save any changes. Also, if you make your own, hit the button on my sidebar --> to add my blog to your protopage. :)

Several cool things

So we're in G.C. now for the holiday what-not, and I just decided I need to purge my cool stuff tanks--they're getting a little full. So here you go.

  1. Protopage It's basically an online desktop program, more cool than useful, but I like it.
  2. iPodderx An excellent podcast RSS reader/player. There might be better programs like it out there, but the pre-subsubscribed feeds are almost all good (most notably Slice of SciFi and This Week in Tech (which is where I heard about Protopage)). We listened to those and others on the way here. No link, b/c they're currently changing the name and redoing the website. There's a contest for the new name, but I'm not sure how you're supposed to enter, since the site is down...
  3. On a related note, I've been listening to the Diggnation podcast for the last few months, and I highly recommend it. Kevin Rose makes it relevant and informative, and Alex Albrecht makes it funny (he was the 'new guy' on TSS just before G4 cancelled it). I also recommend Systm and The Broken, also by Revision3, although new episodes of those don't come out very often.

There are many other things in my cool-stuff tanks, but they have to finish processing.

22 December 2005

Holiday How-to

This probably took me longer than it was worth, but it's kinda funny...

20 December 2005

We are the (second) greatest!

[Edit--Netty posted on the wrong blog. Go here for the post.]

16 December 2005

Morgan Freeman is cool

Not only is he a good actor, but he thinks, too! Anyone who wants to get rid of racist 'holidays' like Black History Month are alright in my book. Read this article for more.

05 December 2005

This is a cool idea

This is one of the cooler examples of what Christmas Decor, Inc does. They're a professional Christmas decoration company, with franchises all over the country, and they do residential and commercial jobs.

This would be a freaking cool job, especially if you lived somewhere with lots of insanely rich people. Observe:

Rich Guy: Here's $10,000 to decorate my estate.

Me: Score.

Anyway, check out the site. They're a cool company.

03 December 2005

Squirrel Attack!

This can't possibly be true....but a bunch of these evil-looking squirrels supposedly killed and ate a dog in Russia. If it is true, then I want my own pack of killer squirrels, too. Perhaps Russia could market trained assassin squirrels as anti-terrorism weapons--maybe they could flush out that Osama guy... Russia could get out of debt, we could get rid of an enemy. It's win-win.

(here's the full story)

01 December 2005


If you're a Pirates fan, you'll be interested to know that the trailer for the second movie is out. If you're not a fan, go rent the first one, thoroughly enjoy it, and then wait eagerly with the rest of us for the next one...and then the third one.