30 March 2005

Location: Renaissance Lit class, Eisenhower Hall

It's raining!

29 March 2005

Location: Eisenhower hall

I see new routers on the ceiling out in the hall, and what do I think? Wireless post from class! I'm such a geek.

28 March 2005

Location: Derby

Actual time (as opposed to the time this gets uploaded): 6:54pm

Here's something I didn't know:

"Making a copy of a copyright sound recording in Australia, even between formats, is completely and utterly illegal. Want to put your CD collection on your iPod? Sorry. Too bad." (from Wired News)

That's lame. Powerfully lame. All P2P issues aside, at least in the U.S. if you buy music, you can do more or less what you want to with it.
Location: on the shuttle, parked in front of the old K-state alumni center

Hey all. Just posting from the shuttle, because I can. :) Not much going on today besides class (though I did just get two bonus days to finish a paper). It's nice today, which is good, but it pisses me off that the weather was so sucky all spring break and now it's perfect. Oh well... Now Netty and I will go home and begin the hunt for food.

27 March 2005

Our Easter eggs--Strong Bad, a powercat, and a lovely spring day. :) Posted by Hello

26 March 2005

This is going to be in my house...

I've been wondering how I want to handle music in our house (when we finally get one). And here's the answer: Sonos. It's a wireless system that lets you use your existing music collection (on PC) and play whatever song you want in up to 32 different rooms. Kinda expensive, but probably worth it. And you can just buy the basic system and then expand whenever you want. Fun stuff.

25 March 2005

Today's been weird... I never really woke up, I think. And we ate at a weird time--4:00. It was So Long, though, so it was good. We stopped off at the Smelly Bookshelf and I rummaged through the half-price box and got a beastman model and a couple old copies of White Dwarf. Then Netty, Michelle, and I went home and watched Finding Neverland again...it's still good. Then our rampant silliness drove us to Coldstone, despite the chilly weather. Now we're at Radina's, warming up (Netty and I are having a cinnamon cappuccino). Everybody's reading a pamphlet about the upcoming Kansas vote on defining marriage. Uh-oh--sounds like they're getting a little riled.

Oh, and Gary got me a pretty cool b-day present--a two-foot section of track lighting to put on my painting table. Woot!

24 March 2005

Testing... Just wanted to see if the program works...I just synced with my compy. If you're reading this, it means my post got uploaded automatically. Score!
Yo yo yo! It's da C-dog comin at you live from Radina's! As usual, Varney's had a lot of almost-but-not-quite useful stuff on sale. But Gary got his mug, which was the point of going in the first place. More noteworthy is the baby cradle mobile with little powercats that plays the fight song! Our kid is definitely having one of those.

After Varney's, we walked down to Mercado (which now sells fresh cheese and olives--score) and we bought some 'Tea of Inquiry.' So look out for future inquisitions at our house!

Netty, Gary, and Michelle are headed for the mall, Shannon and Nicole have returned to their lair, and I'm enjoying a triple mint mocha and dorking around on the internet. Good times.
Hey hey...it's my first wireless post! Aren't you excited? We're at Chipotle, and I just enjoyed a spifftacular trio of carnitas soft tacos. Some kinda good. Now we (us, Shancole, Michelle, et Gary) are gonna go browse around in Varney's for a bit. Woot! Wireless'd!

A new bloginning...or somesuch

As annoying as it is, I've switched to a new blog. For those who don't know, I recently bought a handheld PC and a wireless card. I want to be able to use it to post to my blog from such places as Panera or Pochi, and I can't do that with Bravejournal. So here we are. I got a program that lets me post either through a wireless connection or the next time i sync with my home compy...pretty cool. It also downloads 'channels' everytime i sync--stuff like news and weather. It's kinda like browsing the web, but w/o a connection. Fun stuff. Anyhoo, I'm off to bed.