24 July 2009

Totally worth it

If we spent half as much time actually playing Necromunda as I spend making things for it, our campaign would be over now...but it's just so fun. For those who haven't read my Guilder reports (so...everyone, I'd guess, especially since the first one is just now working again), the campaign involves two competing companies--Neat John's Brewery and Creep Fine Liquor. I just finished making the main Creep distillery. It was built in a converted Guilder stronghold after the Guild was driven out of the region years ago.
I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this little project, but summer is the only time I can spend ridiculous amounts of time on things, so I have no regrets. I've also started designing signs and billboards that will add a little variety to the tabletop. Here are a few samples.


The Math Ninja said...

nice scenery. I haven't made a new piece in over a year. Almost 2!

Sinead Kavanagh said...

Hi, nice blog. The building looks like fun. Do the materials to make the buildings with come with the game?

ss junlin said...

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