24 July 2009

Totally worth it

If we spent half as much time actually playing Necromunda as I spend making things for it, our campaign would be over now...but it's just so fun. For those who haven't read my Guilder reports (so...everyone, I'd guess, especially since the first one is just now working again), the campaign involves two competing companies--Neat John's Brewery and Creep Fine Liquor. I just finished making the main Creep distillery. It was built in a converted Guilder stronghold after the Guild was driven out of the region years ago.
I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this little project, but summer is the only time I can spend ridiculous amounts of time on things, so I have no regrets. I've also started designing signs and billboards that will add a little variety to the tabletop. Here are a few samples.

18 July 2009

Over construction?

That's enough reblogulating, I think. Time to make some ice cream.

Under Construction

The change isn't complete yet, but you get the idea. I'll probably finish up tomorrow.

17 July 2009

Wow (the good kind)

The term 'customer service representative,' in theory, refers to an individual who will provide service to the customer. Most of the time, these people provide headaches and frustration to the customer instead. How many times have you had to practically yell into the phone to deal with these people to get them to reading from their prepared scripts that are designed to frustrate/confuse you into giving them more money?

But I'm not here to rant, because I just had the best customer service experience ever. Here's how it went down: Two years ago, I bought a domain and hosting plan from GoDaddy.com. In the last month or so, I've been getting emails telling me the plan was about to expire and that it was set to auto-renew (i.e. automatically debit my account). I didn't want the plan anymore, so I went to the website and turned the auto-renew off, expecting that to take care of the problem. But then today I check my email and there's a receipt for the auto-renewed plan.

Sighing the deep sigh of a guy who hates phones because of things like this, I called GoDaddy. The dude asked how he could help, and I told him what happened. Without missing a beat, he said, "Alright, I'll just go ahead and cancel your plan and get you that refund." No annoying questions about why I didn't like the service, no trying to sell me on the benefits of a hosting plan, no tempting me with a 30-day free trial. Just one 20-second conversation and the problem was solved to the customer's satisfaction. Wow.

The sad part is that I'm amazed by something that should happen all the time.

2 in one wake?

Here's the second Guilder report from our Necromunda campaign. I'm using a different hosting site this time, so we'll see if this one works better. I forgot to add a start button again, so this one autoplays, too. Oh, well.

Can I have 4 beers?

Hi, punk!

It took the brilliant combination of Will Ferrell and a baby to bring me out of my four-month blog retirement. I was searching Funny or Die for a series called 'Drunk History,' which I'd heard about on Current TV. It's actually not as funny as I'd hoped (well, Volume 3 is actually pretty good) but while I was there I came across the following hilarity:

[Edit: the embeds apparently don't like to load promptly. If you get tired of waiting, click on the links.]

This is the kind of stuff I want to do with my own kids. You know, exploit them for the sake of comedy. :)

[Update: There's also an outtakes vid.]