27 May 2008

Day 4

Our scenic adventures continued yesterday as Jenette, Michelle, and I went down to the Mile High Flea Market to do some treasure hunting. The place was huge, and a lot of it was just standard flea market crap--cheap/ugly clothes, obviously stolen car stereos, dirty children, carnival rides whose last safety inspection was in the late '70s, and mustaches a'plenty--but we came back with a few pieces of quality loot, including some ridiculous t-shirts (see pics in sidebar) and a really spiffy globe for our house. I might post some pics when we get home.

Later that evening we went to Colorado National Speedway and watched cars drive in loud circles while we ate unhealthy amounts of unhealthy food. I hope that last bit of funnel cake doesn't slow me down on my way to the checkered flag of life (yeah, the announcer actually uses that phrase in his ridiculous pre-race loudspeaker prayer). Normal races are ok, but I know what you're thinking. You're wishing you could see a race in which half-drunk yokels chain three cars to each other and then place mildly retarded dropouts behind the wheels of the resulting metal monstrosities so they can race in a figure-8. You know, like they do in the Book of Revelation. Well, they do just that at the end of the night. Here's a bit of video of the trains (sorry for the bootleg quality, but cameras are verboten at the races, so I was trying to keep mine somewhat hidden while I recorded).
EDIT: Blogger is being stupid, so the video will have to wait until my patience meter fills back up.

Today we braved the rain to check out the the Boulder Hippie Festival (or whatever it was called) and the Pearl Street Mall. We sampled hippie food, got rained on, saw some not-that-great-but-ok-I-guess belly dancers, got rained on, bought a couple of hanging chairs for our porch (spiff), got rained on, and ate at a pretty decent Japanese restaurant. Oh, and then we got rained on. I would post some video of the day's activities, but I didn't even take out the camera because, as I may have mentioned, it was raining all day.

Tonight, my hat and boots dry out. Tomorrow, Estes Park.

24 May 2008

Summer trip!

So we're up in Colorado now doing some visiting and whatnot. We got in yesterday evening, after dodging most of the inclement weather, and ate with Gary and Linda at a little place called...something (I can't remember at the moment). They had excellent homemade pasta and decent alferdo (sic) sauce. It happened to be karaoke night, and although I didn't think we were the karaoke type, Michelle, Gary, and then Jenette & I got up to sing. Unfortunately, I only have video of Michelle because my camera battery died. But the real treat of the evening was that Kevin (yes, that Kevin, from "Scrantonicity") got up to sing. Michelle and Kevin are both in the video.

On the way home, we Red Box'd "30 Days of Night"...it was ok, but they could have done more with the background of the vampires (their history, how they got there, etc.)
My rating: 6.9/10
IMDb rating: 6.7/10

Today we went and checked out Main Street in Longmont. Highlights included a coin shop (or is it shoppe?) where they had some boxes of random bills and coins from around the world. We got $10 worth of some pretty neat stuff, like the Japanese 10-peso note that was printed when the Japanese occupied the Phillipines. We also found a coffee shop (or is it shoppe?) that had stop-worthy gelato.

Then the rest of the crew headed back to H.Q. while Jenette and I went to an amazing anqtique store, where we got some nice home decor--including a pair of very steampunky lamps. Now I'm back at H.Q. while part of the crew enjoys a soccer game (not my thing) and part goes to the races (which we'll all be going to tomorrow, anyway.) Nap time for me.