21 December 2008

Necessary to adhere

There are mods that are fun to play, and then there are the ones that have no earthly reason for existing. This one's hilarious. It changes your pet dog in Fallout 3 from a normal-looking dog:

To this:

I laughed pretty hard when I saw this. I don't know...maybe having a dog with angry eyebrows would make the game more fun. The description this modder gave makes it even better:

"Icannot speak English. Sentences are made on the WEB page of the translation. Thus, please forgive me though sentences might be wrong. This is a texture that puts up the eyebrow to the dog. It is lovely that the eyebrow has adhered to the dog, and always thinks that it is necessary to adhere. Nevertheless, because no one made it, it made it formyself."

If you're interested in an eyebrowed dog (And why wouldn't you be? It is lovely that the eyebrow has adhered to the dog, after all.), you can get it here.

11 December 2008

This is what you've waited over two months for.

So, I'm giving an exam tonight, which means there's not much for me to do, so I was clicking around my computer and found something I wrote two years ago.  I don't know if it was meant to be the beginning of a story, or something I wrote in the middle of the night, but I've decided that it makes a great story on its own.  Here it is:

"Romance Chicken"

     “Tell me something romantic.”

     That damn chicken better get here quick.