14 February 2008

May 22! (Update: Indiana Jones and the MPAA of Doom!)

Lately it takes a lot to drag a blog post out of me, and this one isn't even going to requre any original thought on my part.  I'm simply here to point my finger and say "Look, isn't this freaking sweet?" (Oh, and it is.)

UPDATE: Thanks to the MPAA, who likes to treat people like children, the above U.S. version of the trailer has been edited. Apparently, it's not ok in a trailer to have a gun pointed at another person, so the guns that WE ALL KNOW ARE POINTED AT INDY had to be hastily CG'd out in order for the trailer to be accepted. We saw the Reds, we saw their machine guns pointed in a decidedly Indy-ward direction. But if we were to see the guns and Indy in the same frame, we might all...crap our pants...or something... I don't really understand the logic. Check out the comparison pics here.

Anyway, this little edit, along with an unnecessary and somewhat distracting American flag pasted across a few frames, has caused a bit of geek controversy around some of the Internets. I know, I know. Geek controversy would be flying around the Internets with or without an MPAA'd Indy trailer, but this little bit of it struck me as interesting.

If you want to see the unedited international version in 1080p, click here.  (Also available in 720p and 480p.)