31 October 2006

A Vader-ish Halloween

Emphasis on ish. Think of it as Vader's helmet after Luke burns it on Endor.

I have learned much, but I am not a pumpkin-carving Jedi yet.

27 October 2006

GrogIslands.com goes live!

Yes, it's true. My fictional nation now has its own website. Why? Because it was free, that's why. Microsoft Office Live is in beta, and they're offering free domain registration and web hosting. Ironically, the freeness comes at a price: as of right now, there's no direct HTML editing capability. So, until they add that feature, or until I somehow acquire MS FrontPage, my site doesn't look very Groggy. Their target customers are small business owners, so everything is set up to create a generic business website (pay attention, Gary). However, I couldn't resist grabbing up grogislands.com for the low, low price of nothing. And despite the limited design capabilities, I think I'm slowly putting together a respectable e-representation of my country. As if I needed yet another way to waste time...

22 October 2006

My brains are full of letters.

Today was Nicole's birthday. I made her this:

19 October 2006

Jack 'O Lantern Jamboree '06

OMG if you weren't there, you missed quite a show. Evil Fairy was up first, and they rocked...the...house. I mean it was crazy. Somewhere in the middle there was like a six minute drum solo that blew my mind so bad I was afraid I wouldn't be able to listen to the rest of the show. It was that awesome. If you haven't heard E.F. before, you need to check them out. I know they kinda look like an owl when you see them live (see the pic), but they totally rock, fairy style.

Ok, next up: Skineater. Gross name, excellent band. They have this persistently mellow sound, but with a kind of menace behind it. Imagine a zombie playing a blues set with B.B. King, and you have some idea of what Skineater sounds like.

Next up was Stormtrooper. Now, these guys are a good band. Maybe a great band. But you have to completely ignore their lyrics if you want to enjoy them. They're WAY too political, and unless you think living under a galactic imperialist regime sounds like a good time, you won't agree with anything they have to say in the political realm. Luckily, everyone seemed content to ignore the lyrics and soak in those sweet, sweet power chords.

And finally, the headliner. This is the guy we'd all been waiting for: Murray, the Invincible Demonic Skull. He's a one-man show. No band, no instruments, just Murray sitting on a rock. Actually, he doesn't even sing. He just sits up there and prophesies the doom of the earth. And he complains a lot. But somehow it just sounds like music. If nothing else, this is probably a guy you want to be friends with, rather than enemies.

So that's it. If you missed it this year, hope to see you at JackJam '07!

P.S. We (Jenette, Shannon, Me, Nicole, in picture order) carved pumpkins last night.

10 October 2006

They may be short, but they have big axes.

By order of the Supreme Brewmaster (me), Grog Islands has officially stationed a unit of dwarves in the Jeeves Mountains! Woo!

Next I'll start working on some Thunderers, because if there's one thing Grog Islands needs, it's more guns.

04 October 2006

Episode 2, in (almost) full Color-Vizzion!

I like having a tablet.

If I feel like making it, there may be an Episode 3.

If you can't read the text, click to make it bigger.