21 August 2006

3 things

It's been awhile since my last post, and not all that much has happened, but here are 3 things:
1. Sunday night, I used my limited Photoshop skillz to turn my little cousin into a Kindergarten Kommando:

2. We (Netty, Aaron, Shannon, and I) saw Snakes on a Plane last Friday, and I have just three words: Best. Movie. Ever. In fact, it was so good that I had my buddy Samuel L. call some of you to let you know. I hope you appreciated it.

3. The fall semester started today. I had one class (Creative Writing Workshop) and taught one (Expository Writing I). It was my first teaching experience ever, and if things go the way they did today, it'll be a pretty good semester.

08 August 2006

Set course for spiffiness

Behold, my newest hobby: mapmaking! Woo! I drew this up last night. Actually, it was intended to be a prototype of sorts, just to work out the details, but I thought it looked kinda spiffy when it was done, so I framed it and hung it on the door as motivation for future map projects. Next on the agenda is a more detailed, poster-sized Grog Islands map, and then a giant map of all the Pirate Islands nations. However, before I can work on that one, I need input from all you Pirate Islanders out there. If you have ideas of what your island(s) looks like (shape-wise) or any location names (towns, capital city, mountains, jungles, rivers, bays, stadiums, artichoke fields, etc.), let me know. I don't know how many place names I'll be able to use, as I'll have to keep each nation fairly small to fit them all on the same map. But, if anyone's interested in an individual map of their nation, I could probably do that sometime in the future, too. So, leave your comments here, or, if you want to send an illustration of some sort, you can email it to me. If you don't care one way or the other about your island, tell me that, too, and I'll just make up the details as I go. When the big map's finished, I'll hopefully be able to either have it scanned or just take a picture of it so we can have copies printed for whoever wants one. Now, that's all a ways off, since this mapmaking business takes a while and school's about to start, but that's my plan. I don't know if you're excited, but I am. :)

03 August 2006


I'm not sure if this'll even post (cell phone posts are iffy) but i'll give it a go. i'm at borders in longmont, killing time til Netty, Shannon, and gary get here from the hockey shop. that's all. also, check back for a video post in a day or two.