30 July 2006


So, to catch you up on what's going on... The Jupiter Sunrise concert didn't go quite as planned, but that turned out to be a good thing. The power started freaking out while the first band was playing, but we still had a few lights, so JS invited everyone up onto the stage (since there were only twenty-some people who turned out for the show) and they played an acoustic set for us. It was actually a lot more fun than a regular concert, but unfortunately they only got to play three songs before the power company shut off the power completely (a transformer had exploded in the alley). But, since the show was cut short, the band invited everyone out to eat, so we spent a couple hours at Perkins talking mostly to Chris, the drummer, who sat at our table. Good times were had by all. That was Thursday. Friday was spent catching up on sleep in the morning and driving through the afternoon/evening, and when we arrived at Gary & Linda's, some infinitely excellent calzones were waiting for us.Today's first highlight was a lovely afternoon tea, in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Netty's grandparents. I don't usually call things lovely, but, I mean, look at the picture. It was clearly lovely. Following the tea, we changed gears (ha!) and went to the races. Figure 8's, Battle Busses, and a big 'ol turkey leg made for a fun evening. No pics or video of that, unfortunately, because the wankstas don't allow recording devices. However, while we were waiting to meet everyone beforehand, Shannon, Michelle, and I ducked into Furniture Row to get out of the heat, and guess what we found... Robots! A guy named Rod Ford had these awesome sculptures on display, and I really want one. No, I want twelve. Now, for your viewing pleasure, is a video of said robots, set to some rockin' music (points to anyone who can name that tune). Enjoy! Also, if you'd like to buy one of them for that special robot-loving blogger in your life, I can give you Senor Ford's contact info.
(P.S.: Change "today" to "yesterday"...I didn't get this posted last night like I'd planned.)

27 July 2006

Grog Islands Militia!

After playing a couple hours of Dawn of War last night with Aaron and Shannon, I decided that having the Grog Islands flag in the game was essential. It logically followed that all the Pirate Islanders who play DoW should have the same. I also imported the Pirate Islands Coalition flag as a banner for co-op games, and designed a new Grog Islands Militia flag. All this kept me up til about 8:30 this morning. Totally worth it.
Also, we're going to the Jupiter Sunrise concert in Lawrence in less than an hour, meaning this'll be the first time I've ever woken up and gone to a concert first thing in the 'morning.' Rather different, that.

10 July 2006

If you'll look to your right...

It's the + List! I know you're excited, but try to contain yourself. I just thought my sidebar needed a little spiffening, and this seemed like a fun way to do it. Its counterpart, the '- List' is on its way, but I've been having a little difficulty with the graphic. If I decide I like this format (the sidebar list-->popup format, that is) I might also add a movie review section. I've been thinking about making a new movie blog for a while now, but let's be honest: I can't consistently post on one blog, nevermind two. So we'll see.

08 July 2006


This is another freaky picture I found in our closet when we moved. I forgot to post it. Here's the other one.