12 October 2005

Old school

[Location: KSU Union]

A post you read instead of watch? "Where's the 'play' button?" you ask. I know, non-video posts are *so* two weeks ago. But I figured I should post something now since I may die by Friday...I have way too much crap to do. I have to finish one essay, revise a second one, have a conference with a visiting author about a third one, write a 2-page reading response to a poem, and study for a midterm. And it's all due/happening on Friday. Ugh. Hopefully I survive it all, because after that we're headed west to do some visitin'.
On the positive side, I'm sure there'll be a video post when we get back. :)

01 October 2005

Video Camera!

Hooray! We finally got a digital video camera, and here's my first video post from it. It's me, Netty, and Michelle discussing such things as omelettes, shoes, and God.